ffetish.video watermark

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ffetish.video watermark

Post by dd2 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 5:02 pm

I noticed this on several UnderGirlsFeet clips. Perhaps they are your exclusive videos and so you watermarked them, or anticipated they would spread to other sites. However, the videos now have sucky quality and the watermark taints the preciousness of the video, .. or something.

Could you also upload the UN-watermarked videos, perhaps in a few weeks and/or for premium only, pretty please?

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Re: ffetish.video watermark

Post by admind4 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 6:56 pm

What clips you mean?

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Re: ffetish.video watermark

Post by dd2 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 9:37 pm

There were some from the studio, "UNDER GIRLS FEET"

For these videos, the released videos are done using some high quality encoding settings, and it is like, a highlight of their videos. So when you re-encode them with the watermark, but do it with medium quality or high speed encoding settings, it is hugely noticable.

Just like those videos that have 15FPS because someone recorded their screen while playing it in a browser window, instead of downloading the file. Well what can ya do!


Also, sort of related - please PM me about this. I am almost through the CaliforniaBeachFeet material, courtesy of e********* (where you also got it). Once I have downloaded it, I plan to join all clips of the same person. The CBF website owner chops every video into 5 parts and releases them over a few weeks. I am gonna undo that with some script, once it is downloaded and then I do the CBF website crawl and match the entries (as I am sure, you know the drill!). I am happy to share this with you once it is done.

https://ffetish.video/38728-under-girls ... egirl.html https://ffetish.video/42988-under-girls ... -slut.html https://ffetish.video/42539-under-girls ... lesbo.html https://ffetish.video/42550-under-girls ... sbian.html etc -- as from about november or december 2018.

I totally understand the tradeoff between watermarking videos that you expect to get reposted, (e.g., on e******** or f********* - I can invite you if you want. Though I know the CBF siterip was from e******** so you are already there). It would still be good for some uploads to have premium-only download links, or some such thing, but only after a waiting period. Thus people who know about it will come back and bots and early downloaders get the watermarked version. Up to you, I guess. I suppose I just have to track down where you got them from and could do that, but ya know, time is limited, can't spend all day clicking on porn forum links.!

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Re: ffetish.video watermark

Post by admind4 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:33 pm

So when you re-encode them with the watermark, but do it with medium quality or high speed encoding settings, it is hugely noticable.
I spend 2000 - 4000$ per month for purchase the clips (Requests for Free Users). So where there is a possibility I put a watermark on video.
I am almost through the CaliforniaBeachFeet material, courtesy of e********* (where you also got it).
CBF is my siterip. What you talking about?

also this my siterips:

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http://czechfeet.com 04.04.2018 last pics 04/04/2018 Lucie F. - Bare feet pics	last video 04/01/2018 Jirina - Bare feet & Nudity
https://www.footfetishdaily.com/ 08.06.2018 only pics and 100 vids recent 25.06.2018 +793_star-nine 7 vids
https://hotlegsandfeet.com/ 08.06.2018 only pics and 100 vids recent
http://footfactory.com 11.12.2017
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You can continue to copy the video, ffetish - in any case will be the primary source.
I tested. There is no difference with the original clips.

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